Illinois Driver’s License Reinstatement

The Kurash Law Firm are distinguished for their experience and expertise in representing individuals who are seeking the return of driving privileges.  Known as “Difference Makers”, the firm is led by, Alan R. Kurash, a former prosecutor for the Illinois Secretary of State’s office. He has represented thousands of individual, over the last twenty three (23) years, resulting in the return of driving privileges.  Applying these years of experience, the firm has achieved outstanding results for those seeking driving privileges which truly made a difference in not only their lives but those of their family and friends. Alan R. Kurash and Associates L.L.C.’s is recognized throughout the country as one of the most effective law firms assisting individuals with driver’s license reinstatement as a result of the firms’ detailed knowledge of the law coupled with a thorough and effective process to prepare its clients.

Restore Your Driving Privileges

At the Kurash Law Firm, you work only with attorneys who have a high degree of experience and background in the Secretary of State Hearing process which gives you the greatest likelihood of SUCCESS of driving privileges.

“Everyone loses at the first hearing”

Actually (and unfortunately) there is a lot of truth to this statement. The reason so many individuals lose at their first Hearing (and often subsequent ones too) is lack of preparation. One should not expect to be successful at a Hearing in which they have no prior experience. The Law Office of Alan R. Kurash has a very high SUCCESS rate at first Hearings because we work hard with our clients to make sure they are prepared. Our typical client goes from no driving privileges to a restricted permit to full reinstatement of license in less than (1) one year. If you desire this type of result, contact our office today.

Free Consultation with a Chicago Driver’s License Reinstatement Lawyer

The Kurash Law Firm can provide you with answers and solutions to your current situation. There is “No Fee” for your initial consultation.